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  1. Zala, a hyperactive child, took up canoeing at the age of 11.
  2. Adams was a hyperactive child and prone to frequent sickness and hypochondria.
  3. It could be a hyperactive child giving off lots of energy.
  4. Exasperated parents might ask for a cerebral transplant to cure their hyperactive child.
  5. One considers itself Batou's personal Tachikoma, which has a personality of a hyperactive child.
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  7. Clemens has the energy of a hyperactive child.
  8. For younger parents, it may mean making it easier to treat a hyperactive child in the home.
  9. Spencer was a difficult and hyperactive child
  10. In 1997, V . S . Srinivasan wrote for M . Saravanan noticed Haasan as a hyperactive child.
  11. By that time he was addicted to Valium; it had been prescribed, he said, because he was a hyperactive child.
  12. He was a hyperactive child and a born fighter, according to his father, who encouraged him to take up boxing.
  13. Messner was a hyperactive child for whom football was an outlet to unleash his energy . and graduated in 1984.
  14. It includes live versions of all the songs except " Hyperactive Child ", for which no live footage could be found.
  15. Steve Kidd, said his son is maturing but is still a hyperactive child using a basketball court as his rectangular playpen.
  16. Few movie sights are more primally satisfying than a frisky animal or hyperactive child laying waste to a snooty grown-up social event.
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