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  1. In the early 1930s Formby moved on to the I Zingari League.
  2. His final first-class outing was for I Zingari in 1882.
  3. His last first-class match was for I Zingari in 1889.
  4. He was secretary of the I Zingari for many years and later Chancellor.
  5. Sep Lambert made his debut for Ireland against I Zingari in August 1896.
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  7. The following year saw matches against I Zingari, the century for Ireland.
  8. The following season, Archdall made an appearance for I Zingari against Phoenix.
  9. Hone made his debut for Ireland in August 1868, playing against I Zingari.
  10. Hone made his debut for Ireland in September 1861, playing against I Zingari.
  11. He retired from the army in 1890 and was playing cricket for I Zingari.
  12. The ground was first used in 1859, when Winchester Garrison played I Zingari.
  13. Between 1977 and 1989 Home was Governor of I Zingari, the nomadic cricket team.
  14. Hawke assumed the captaincy for the two Scarborough Festival matches against MCC and I Zingari.
  15. He also played for I Zingari, the Gentleman of MCC, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.
  16. Tylden appeared for I Zingari in a twelve-a-side match in 1925.
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