1. Ijuin succeeded in keeping the American ships from interfering in the evacuation.
  2. After his return, Ijuin was promoted to lieutenant commander.
  3. On 7 July, Rear Admiral Baron Matsuji Ijuin assumed command of DesRon 3.
  4. Ranmaru even moves into the Ijuin house and poses as Benio's personal maid.
  5. Bayer attorney Isao Ijuin said the positions of the Japanese and foreign companies were very close.
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  7. Ijuin personally commanded a group of six destroyers sent to cover the operation from American naval interference.
  8. Benio stays on in the Ijuin home to care for Shinobu's grandparents and wait for his return.
  9. Lkubo's second son, Makino Nobuaki, and his son-in-law Ijuin Hikokichi served as Foreign Minister.
  10. He also appeared as a film actor in a Shizuka Ijuin's original work film " Cr阷e " in October, 1993.
  11. One day, Benio has a series of embarrassing encounters with the handsome army lieutenant Shinobu Ijuin ( voiced by : Katsuji Mori ).
  12. The decoy force led by Ijuin Hisanori attacked across the river and then withdrew, which persuaded the allied left wing to follow them.
  13. He subsequently became Chief of Staff for Fleet Admiral Baron Ijuin GorM, commander of the IJN 2nd Fleet from 1907 & ndash; 1908.
  14. In addition, the Ijuin mansion is about to be repossessed-until a mysterious good Samaritan steps in to pay the mortgage on the mansion.
  15. Ijuin reported that the best way to create an influential information bureau was to coordinate all information sources, including army, navy and finance ministry.
  16. Ijuin was killed when his flagship, the patrol boat " Iki ", was torpedoed and sunk on 24 May 1944 north of Saipan.
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