1. IJzendijke was a separate municipality until 1970.
  2. On 17 May having left garrisons in IJzendijke and Aardenburg the Anglo Dutch force advanced against the Spaniards.
  3. He embarked 30, 000 men and 80 field guns on 3, 000 rivercraft for his amphibious descent on IJzendijke.
  4. A States and English army under Prince Maurice of Orange and Horace Vere respectively crossed the Scheldt estuary and advanced on land taking Cadzand, Aardenburg and IJzendijke in the Spanish Netherlands.
  5. At the end of July, Leaving behind 50 infantry companies to guard Ijzendijke Maurice quickly moved the rest of his army, including 61 infantry companies and 6 cavalry companies, towards Deventer.
  6. It's difficult to find ijzendijke in a sentence. 用ijzendijke造句挺難的
  7. Before his football career, Reagan served as a Staff Sgt Tank Commander in 204 Armoured Assault Squadron, Royal Engineers, during World War II . On 20 October 1994, the 50th anniversary of an explosion which killed many of his tank squadron, Reagan visited Ijzendijke in the Netherlands with his three sons and began a campaign to fund and build a memorial to those who had died.


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