1. It was donated to the IJzertoren ( Yser Tower ) where it is kept in the museum.
  2. Other results of the repression include the demolition of monuments, such as the " IJzertoren ".
  3. On the night of 15 and 16 March 1946, the first " IJzertoren " was blown up.
  4. Every year at the end of August a political meeting, the IJzerbedevaart, is organised next to the IJzertoren.
  5. He wrote many poems for special occasions and meetings, such as for the yearly pilgrimages to the IJzertoren, and screenplays for television.
  6. It's difficult to find ijzertoren in a sentence. 用ijzertoren造句挺難的
  7. They also diversified their activities to a . o . the museum in the IJzertoren and a music festival for peace ( Ten Vrede ).
  8. The "'IJzerbedevaart "'( Pilgrimage of the Yser ) is a yearly gathering of Flemings, at the IJzertoren in Diksmuide.
  9. On the eve of that pilgrimage wrote De Boodt the sum of 1 million francs in his budget for reconstruction of the dynamited tower, today, the IJzertoren is still a symbol of Flemish nationalism and a symbol to remember the cruelties that happen during wars, thus a symbol of peace.


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