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  1. It can be distinguished in a narrow sense and a broad sense
  2. In a narrow sense the literature refers to literary works produced during this period
  3. Curriculum organization can be defined in a broad sense and in a narrow sense
  4. From quot; historical materialism in a narrow sense quot; to quot; histoncal maierialism in a broad sense quot
  5. In a narrow sense , hotels expressed the local power of the commercial elite that built them
  6. It's difficult to find in a narrow sense in a sentence. 用in a narrow sense造句挺難的
  7. After discussing and analyzing the unauthorized agency in a narrow sense and agency by estoppel , this thesis lodges its own opinions
  8. In a narrow sense of the word , equation of state ( eos ) is the relationship of pressure , volume ( or density ) and temperature ( p - v - t ) for substance system in thermodynamic equilibrium
    從狹義上講,物態方程是描述處于熱力學平衡態的物質系統中壓強、溫度、體積或密度之間的函數關系( p - v - t ) 。
  9. Secondly , determines the basic definition of economic security in a broad sense or narrow sense . economic security in a narrow sense is at the angle of economic globalization as this article " s perspective
  10. Here , the term " curriculum development " means a set of activities , including clarifying objectives , selecting and organizing the curriculum . in a narrow sense , they refer to all kinds of regional materials
  11. The various explanations of the definition of computer crime can be roughly classified into three kinds - - computer crime in a broad sense , computer crime in a narrow sense and computer crime in eclectic sense
  12. Therefore , husserl also identifies " fulfilling " with cognition ( in a narrow sense ) " fulfilling " , whose final ideal signifies the perfect adequation between thought and things , becomes the central phenomenological concept of the dynamic intentional analysis
    “充實”成為現象學的動態意向分析的核心概念, “充實”的最終理想,它意味著思想與事物的完美相即性。
  13. Culture can be defined in a wide and narrow sense . in a narrow sense the culture is the sum total of thought and theory , ethic and sentiment ; science and education , arts and literature , law and religion with respect to the human society
  14. Priority , in a narrow sense , is the precedent right in compensation that the claimants of certain special financial claims enjoy on the part or all of the debtor ' s property , which includes the general priority and special priority
  15. The environment in a narrow sense is the special atmospher of cadre ' s growing up , which include cadre " view , cadre ' s policy , cadre ' s system , organization , cadre ' s education , social public opinion , customs and habits , etc
  16. Based on the research by the scholars home and abroad , this thesis defines the unauthorized agency in a new viewpoint , and also explores the similarities and differences of the two parts of the unauthorized agency ( unauthorized agency in a narrow sense and agency by estoppel )
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