in a whirl造句

"in a whirl"是什麽意思   


  1. my thoughts are in a whirl .
  2. my mind is in a whirl .
  3. he tramped steadily on through the wheat stubble, walking fast, his head in a whirl .
  4. in his middle twenties he began to write articles and short stories, his head in a whirl .
  5. bertha's calm was merely external, her brain was in a whirl and her heart beat madly .
  6. It's difficult to find in a whirl in a sentence. 用in a whirl造句挺難的
  7. this tea party will have you in a whirl
  8. my mind is in a whirl with all this noise, i cannot think clearly
  9. la faloise, whose brain was in a whirl, was behaving very restlessly and squeezing up against gaga
  10. my heads in a whirl, said the old gentleman, with a somewhat shamefaced smile at his son
  11. in a whirl of transactions, the risk of sharp practice, including insider dealing, may well grow
  12. the next two hours sped by in a whirl of happiness . she searched shop after shop for jim's present
  13. it involves 15-20 seconds of childish ecstasy as you rocket down the hill in a whirling cloud of snowdust ( wheee ! !
  14. yes, he said . i see them .-mr bloom, breathless, caught in a whirl of wild newsboys near the offices of the irish catholic and dublin penny journal, called
  15. she sang for him her favourite songs, showed him her album, made him write in it, would not let him refer to the past, making him feel how delightful she considered the present; and every day he went home in a whirl without having said what he meant to say, not knowing what he was doing, why he had come, and how it would end
  16. i do not know what it rightly is to faint, but i do know that for the next little while the whole world swam away from before me in a whirling mist; silver and the birds, and the tall spy-glass hill-top, going round and round and topsy-turvy before my eyes, and all manner of bells ringing and distant voices shouting in my ear


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