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  1. this normal variation in rhythm is known as sinus arrhythmia .
  2. the achievement of qi state in rhythm and acoustics
  3. marie rocks her baby in rhythm with the boat
  4. [people clapping in rhythm ]
  5. people clapping in rhythm
  6. It's difficult to find in rhythm in a sentence. 用in rhythm造句挺難的
  7. and when he's taking his shots in rhythm and he's knocking them down, he's a handful
  8. the one hundred built-in rhythm patterns cover a broad range of styles that include rock, jazz, funk, blues and dance music
  9. the music began and they did their little dance, moving their heads, hands and feet with little twists all trying to stay in rhythm with the music
  10. you can also record a phrase that you play yourself along with the built-in rhythm and bass accompaniment, and then practice soloing over the top of it
  11. my definition of meditation is : whenever your body, mind, soul are functioning together in rhythm it is meditation, because it will bring the fourth in
  12. intend that chakras to spin to the right if you are female and left if you are male in gender and syncopated in rhythm and timing unto earth's field rotation
  13. during the period of the six dynasties, the xie's literature demonstrated the eloquence and beauty of literature in rhythm, style, etc ., the discovery and understanding of rhythm made a positive contribution to the development of the chinese literature
  14. at about 7 am this morning, the victim met a woman in rhythm garden when she was on the way to morning exercises . the culprit was later joined by another woman and a man who lured the victim into believing that the family of the victim would be haunted by a ghost
  15. the highest capabilities for the longest serviceable period can be developed only by systematic training, by developing the maximum physical and mental abilities of the horse, and by developing his balance to carry himself and the rider in rhythm in all working, collected and extended gaits and over fences
  16. by another of the great ironies that pursue premeditating man, as soon as composers began to think of music as sound and sound as quantity, singing and dancing in the traditional musical sense were replaced by conscious counting, going lenbnitz one better, and by literally attaining the condition of " frozen architecture "-sound-events designed in time but not in rhythm
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