in the white造句

"in the white"是什麽意思   


  1. Things were tense in the white house in the few days after christmas .
  2. She was the most close-mouthed female in the white house-and she had to be .
  3. The meeting started in the white house situation room, in the basement of the west wing .
  4. I settled it with the stranger in the white coat, without making any mistakes .
  5. Coherence had to be restored to the government and especially to its center in the white house .
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  7. Compared with these giants in the white house, the other presidents have been small in size .
  8. Harry hopkins' bedroom in the white house was at one end of a long dark gloomy hall .
  9. According to hearsay, eleanor felt a little downcast that she had to support herself in the white house .
  10. One of the persons around eleanor who helped shape her life and activities in the white house was a black educator .
  11. A roosevelt in the white house from 1909 to 1913 might well have averted the disastrous rupture that occurred in 1912 .
  12. One day as he was sitting unhappy in the white castle, a thing occurred that kindled a spark of hope in his despairing mind .
  13. He would get terrible letters from the public objecting to the first lady cashing in on her position in the white house to make money .
  14. The building consists of a library holding documents from the carter presidency and a museum chronicling carter's career in the white house .
  15. Looking back at the male chefs, the most colorful name from the standpoint of history was the live-in chef in the white house named jimmy carter .
  16. There was hardly a time during the twelve years roosevelt lived in the white house when the family was not in turmoil or experiencing some kind of misery or sadness .
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