in watermelon sugar造句


  1. Neko Case based her song " Margaret vs . Pauline " on the female characters of " In Watermelon Sugar ".
  2. The main character of the 1998 Wally Lamb novel " I Know This Much Is True " reads and references " In Watermelon Sugar " throughout the novel.
  3. While in high school, Bechard became interested in writing after reading Kurt Vonnegut s " Breakfast of Champions " and Richard Brautigan s " In Watermelon Sugar ."
  4. Volume 2 . " In Watermelon Sugar " is also referenced multiple times in the Dean Koontz novel, " One Door Away from Heaven ", by an important secondary character who believes, in her near-constant drug-soaked haze, that she would unlock the secrets of the universe if she could only understand this book properly.
  5. It's difficult to find in watermelon sugar in a sentence. 用in watermelon sugar造句挺難的


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