1. It is important for a learner to receive in - company health and safety induction
  2. Hkpc also provides in - company training programmes tailored to meet the individual needs of client companies
  3. The university attracts almost forty percent of its funds from businesses : through in - company training , in - company research , sponsorships , and external courses
    大學經費的40 %來源于實地培訓和研究,捐款以及對外課程等商業活動。
  4. We have finished all the iso / ts16949 : 2002 training courses ( including system audit , process audit and product audit ) for in - company quality auditors , and passed the inspection
    (我們)已順利完成了iso / ts16949 : 2002內部質量審核員(包括體系、過程、產品審核)全部培訓課程,并通過了考核
  5. The issue of ethics in the workplace is now of such importance that it needs to be incorporated into in - company development programmes for all employees , from the shop floor to the boardroom
  6. It's difficult to find in-company in a sentence. 用in-company造句挺難的
  7. The main results were showed as follows : 1 factors of pay structure included pay for knowledge - performance , pay for job , and pay for year - in - company and pay for organizational effectiveness
    研究結果基本上與原構思相符,但也有出入,主要結論如下: 1企業工資結構包括了技能-績效工資結構、崗位工資結構、資歷工資結構及效益工資結構。
  8. Affiliated transaction is originally a neutral in - company transaction behavior . its existence is unavoidable . fair , just affiliated transaction can reduce the transaction cost , enhance the efficiency of listed companies and gear up the development of the companies
  9. 2 pay for knowledge - performance , pay for organizational performance and company effectiveness had significant influence . pay for job , pay for year - in - company and company effectiveness had insignificant influence . however , four factors of pay structure influenced company effectiveness directly


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