in-process server造句

"in-process server"是什麽意思   


  1. Freclien , a multithreaded client freserve , a free - threaded in - process server
    Freclien (一個多線程客戶端)
  2. It tests the functionality provided by inproc , an automation in - process server
    該示例測試由inproc (自動化進程內服務器)提供的功能。
  3. Dynamic - link library specifies that your server is a dll and therefore an in - process server
  4. If nonzero , sql server allows for the provider to be instantiated as an in - process server
    如果非零,則sql server允許將訪問接口實例化為進程內服務器。
  5. An in - process server , however , loads as a dll in the client s address space and does not require an rpc
    而進程內服務器作為客戶端的地址空間中的dll加載并且不要求rpc 。
  6. It's difficult to find in-process server in a sentence. 用in-process server造句挺難的
  7. Finally , the sample implements a few dummy properties , which are used simply to compare the performance of in - process servers and localserver servers
  8. In - process servers are usually more efficient than servers implemented as separate exes because a remote procedure call is not necessary to invoke methods on the objects implemented by the server
    進程內服務器通常比作為單獨的exe實現的服務器更有效,因為不再需要遠程過程調用( rpc )來調用服務器實現的對象上的方法了。


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