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  1. Influence of ion incident angle on microstructures and magnetic properties of fexcr1 - x ahoy films
  2. Ibm simulation results show that in our analysis incident angle range from 20 ? to 40
    本論文研究工作取得的創新性研究成果主要有以下幾方面: 1 )
  3. A ( 9 , sr ) is a function of surface roughness and radar incident angle , and b is only influenced by incident angle
    通過與實測地表土壤水分含量對比,反演結果均方根誤差( rmse )為0 . 44 。
  4. The gain of the retrodirective antenna in the incoming signal direction fluctuates with ? db as the incident angle increases
  5. It is concluded that the stress transmission rate varies with stress wave s incident angle
  6. It's difficult to find incident angle in a sentence. 用incident angle造句挺難的
  7. The relationship between the incident angle and the self - pumped phase - conjugate ( sppc ) reflectivity in cu : knsbn is studied
    從實驗上觀察了不同摻雜量的cr : sbn晶體的四波混頻相位共軛特性。
  8. Simulation calculation for the energy deposition profile and the transmission fraction of intense pulsed electron beam at various incident angles
  9. If we suppose 0 , n0 , nl , hh expressing incident angle , refractive index of glass prism , refractive index of low and high thin film material respectively
    和ill分別表示高低膜料的折射率,則macneille薄膜偏光分束鏡的設計要滿足如下公式。 。 n , n
  10. The relative phase shift between s - and p - light is a function of the incident angle , and changes highly with the incident angle in the vicinity of the critical angle
  11. The results show that the factors are the refractive index , thick ness , layer number of one - dimensional dual photonic crystal , polarization and incident angle of incident ray
  12. The incidence angle of laser beam and other factors have been found to result in more effective polishing , with optimal best smoothing observed at incident angles of 75 ?
  13. The empirical formula of brdf changes with different incident angles is fitted according to the experiment data . in chapter four , the solar ultraviolet spectrum monitor was calibrated
  14. An optimized surface structure for suppressing the reflection from photonic crystal slab lens is reported . the reflection is reduced to below 0 . 3 % for the incident angle less than 48 degrees
    摘要報道了用來抑制光子晶體平板透鏡表面反射的優化表面結構。當入射角小于48 ,透鏡的表面反射率可降到0 . 3 %以下。
  15. Results from this thesis concluded that numerical simulation can be applied to study " effect of varying the incident angle of dilution air on the performance of the gas turbine combustor "
  16. According to the phinel formula , this article discusses all kinds of polarization of reflected light and refracted light during the natural light and the ray - polarized light are incident in different incident angles
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