incorporated union造句

"incorporated union"是什麽意思   


  1. Not one petition in favour of an incorporating union was received by Parliament.
  2. Impetus for this incorporating union came almost entirely from King William, who feared leaving Scotland open to a French invasion.
  3. Labor parties which incorporate unions into their structures and social movement unionism, it is argued, are examples where political organizations co-exist constructively with unions.
  4. Not only did he establish a Ministry of Labor ( which hadn'texisted before ) and introduce modern labor laws, he also incorporated unions in the politicalsystem.
  5. Hoffa was a special presidential guest at a State of the Union speech and the president's energy proposals were drafted to incorporate union job proposals from the Teamsters.
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  7. From east to west, it incorporates Union Bay, the Montlake Cut, Portage Bay, Lake Union, the Fremont Cut, Salmon Bay, and Shilshole Bay.
  8. "I think we really need to address the fundamental cost structure in a way that incorporates unions and guilds and makes everybody realize this is a golden age that's turning rotten ."
  9. This result would not have changed the New Zealand Red Ensign ( merchant marine ), White Ensign ( naval ), ( both incorporating Union Flags ) police flag and fire service flag ( which are based on the current flag ).
  10. Its members were telling the king that they were " confident " that his plans for an incorporating union would not prejudice the ancient laws and liberties of Scotland; for any such hurt would mean that " it culd no more be a frie monarchie ".
  11. The University countered by saying that the newly incorporated Union Council ( which changed its name to the University of Guelph Student Union ) had no say in how the fees collected would be spent, that they didn't " recognize " this new entity as the legitimate student government.


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