incorporating machine造句

"incorporating machine"是什麽意思   


  1. He began incorporating machine parts, pieces of wood and industrial piping into his works.
  2. To some extent, Rosen's definition of anticipation applies to any system incorporating machine learning.
  3. These companies adopt DataRobot to help them get value from their big data environment by making it simple to incorporate machine learning and predictive analytics.
  4. We still use human labor to build buildings but we also incorporate machines to do the heavy lifting and to make the work easier for us.
  5. The younger companies in the fraud prevention space tend to rely on systems that have been based around machine learning, rather than later incorporating machine learning into an existing system.
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  7. But she continues to butt heads with the Master Artisan, who insists on preserving tradition, while In-hwa has a more modern attitude, and wants to incorporate machine-sewing and mass manufacturing and make a lot more money.


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