incorporation by reference造句

"incorporation by reference"是什麽意思   


  1. Oral instructions can " not " be subject to incorporation by reference.
  2. The incorporation by reference of the ninth count by the other counts was sufficient to perfect the remaining counts.
  3. This rule eliminated the incorporation by reference of type certification requirements in favor of PMA-specific data submission requirements.
  4. It discusses incorporation by reference regarding a supplemental document that was not part of the written license agreement between the parties.
  5. In administrative law, incorporation by reference is a drafting tool that enables federal agencies to give legal effect to materials that are already published elsewhere.
  6. It's difficult to find incorporation by reference in a sentence. 用incorporation by reference造句挺難的
  7. One had to rely on the doctrine of incorporation by reference and consider the text of the void first proclamation to give the second proclamation meaning.
  8. Fund companies want to know that an " incorporation by reference " covers them as if they'd put all the legal mumbo-jumbo in the shortie.
  9. Section 552 ( a ) ( 1 ) provides that if material published elsewhere is " reasonably available to the class of persons affected " and the Director of the Federal Register approves its incorporation by reference, that material will be " deemed published " in the Federal Register.
  10. Given the terms of the 1921 Drainage Deed, and their express incorporation by reference into the 1921 Conveyance, the conclusion seems to me to be inescapable that the 1921 Conveyance impliedly reserved to Lord Somerleyton and his successors in title to Scale Marshes an easement of drainage through the existing dykes in the terms claimed by the Trustees . }}
  11. A pour-over clause in a will gives probate property to a trustee of the testator's separate trust and must be validated either under incorporation by reference by identifying the previously existing trust which the property will be poured into, or under the doctrine of acts of independent significance by referring to some act that has significance apart from disposing of probate assets, namely, the revocable living trust ( " inter vivos " trust ).


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