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  1. The Insolvency Act 2000 somewhat modified procedures for Individual Voluntary Arrangements.
  2. Relevant to sole traders, it also somewhat amended Individual Voluntary Arrangements procedures.
  3. In the case of Sole Trader Insolvency, the insolvency options include Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy.
  4. Still, compared to the individual voluntary arrangement available for people in bankruptcy, company voluntary arrangements are rare.
  5. In the UK the individual voluntary arrangement ( IVA ) represents the main formal alternative to a debtors bankruptcy petition.
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  7. We can even help if you have been discharged IVA ( Individual Voluntary Arrangement ), or been made bankrupt.
  8. In 2007 they established a non-profit individual voluntary arrangement service and 2010 launched a free equity release advice service.
  9. In bankruptcy, a case can be stayed if a certification for annulment exists or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is being negotiated.
  10. By contrast, Individual Voluntary Arrangements are legally binding on all creditors providing those representing 75 % of the total debt owed agree to the IVA proposal.
  11. Individual Voluntary Arrangements ( IVAs ) operate in England, Wales & Northern Ireland as a contractual agreement between the insolvent individual and the creditors they owe money to.
  12. The company also offers an advisory service in Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy to people living in England and Wales, and Protected Trust Deeds to people living in Scotland.
  13. In addition to education, a popular credit counseling option is the   Debt management plan  (   DMP , known in the United Kingdom as the Individual voluntary arrangement or " IVA " ).
  14. As an alternative to bankruptcy a debtor may propose an Individual Voluntary Arrangement ( IVA ) to his creditors ( see Part VIII of the Insolvency Act 1986 ) or a Debt Relief Order if debts do not exceed a certain threshold.
  15. In this process, a debtor who has enough money left over after priority creditors and essential expenses, may be able to arrange an individual voluntary arrangement . ( After taking independent advice, debtors with less serious problems may wish to consider a debt management plan .)
  16. The figures had fallen by 13.6 % during the final quarter compared to the same quarter during 2009.12, 049 individuals declared formal bankruptcy, a drop of almost a third ( 29.2 % ) on the previous year . 12, 058 entered formal Individual Voluntary Arrangements ( IVAs ), representing an annual drop of 5.4 %.


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