individual words造句

"individual words"是什麽意思   


  1. dictate in phrases or individual words
  2. listen for ideas and meanings, not just individual words
  3. the thesaurus displays the synonyms and antonyms for individual words
  4. for example, you can format an individual word in the text as bold by placing a
  5. separates the string into individual words based on word boundaries word-breaking
  6. It's difficult to find individual words in a sentence. 用individual words造句挺難的
  7. from the whole word justice is satisfied the total need . from the individual word justice is satisfied individual need
  8. typically, index entries refer to individual words or phrases, topics that might span several pages, or other index entries
  9. you can include html formatting in the property; for example, you can format an individual word in the text as bold by placing a
  10. a class name should be short but descriptive, formed from whole words, with individual words capitalized for example,
  11. nervousness spreads throughout your body because you recognize all the individual words, but don't know the meaning of the entire phrase
  12. without quotation marks, the search is equivalent to specifying " class and definition ", which returns topics that contain both of the individual words
  13. if you are parsing a sentence into individual words, you might end up with words that have blank spaces also called white spaces on either end of the word
  14. there are many instant translation tools on the web-but they are best used for individual words and short phrases, rather than for brochures, books or anything complex
  15. listen to english radio station and tv channels, and if you don't understand the general content ? then stretch-your-brain and compete with yourself by counting how many individual words you recognize in every 2-minute time span
  16. lsi tries to overcome the problem of lexical matching by using statistically derived conceptual indices instead of individual words for retrieval . in this thesis lsi is introduced into case retrieval, and the application of lsi represented also


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