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  1. Design of industry control computer in tire sulphur turn process control
  2. The hardware uses a industry control computer based on pci bus and a signal converter
  3. It is mainly consist of large scale plc , industry control computer and other devices
  4. The hardware uses a industry control computer based on pci bus , a signal converter and daq ( date acquisition card to develop )
  5. In the test , the speed of revolution , temperature , oil supply pressure and other parameter are measured by the industry control computer
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  7. On the system platform of industry control computer , the interface and data processing unit are developed with senior language
  8. In addition , the main - station can communicate with two modes of sub - station within one version : industry control computer system and embedded system
  9. Resource collocation and mainly performance on inbuilt industry control computer - pc / 104 , which has been used in the hardware design , are introduced generally
    對其中所用嵌入式工業控制計算機? pc 104 ,在文中對其資源配置及主要性能特點做了全面的介紹。
  10. A distributing hardware control system of the stretch - bending machine is designed by combining the advanced industry control computer and plc ( programmable logic controller )
  11. Using embedded industry control computer , rebuild the controlling and steering part of fin stabilizer , substitute the former simulating parts and realize the digital in the control part . 3
  12. This machine is controlled by the industry control computer , which can measure the clearance along the driving taper gear axes and select the suitable sleeves so that the clearance can be eliminated and the set tightening of the bearing can be achieved
  13. For the accomplishment of the national 863 - advanced project , the industry control computer is used as main control unite and the pwsm machine tools spindle drive system . the hardware and software of the system is studied and developed
  14. The industry control computer is make up of lcd , hard disk , face pattern keyboard and net cards and modem etc , and can monitor waveform and data on the spot , and data can be passed to monitor center far away to be analyzed further by way of local area network and public telephone net
  15. Adjusting digital potentiometer in controlling circuits of sps and capacitor charging and discharging circuit separately with industry control computer ( icc ) , the peak value and repeat frequency of output pulse can be adjusted separately . controlling relays to choose different capacitors with icc , the width of output pulse can be adjusted
  16. Firstly , the paper introduced the commonly hardware configure of microcomputer relaying and the function of every module of industry controlling computer std90386 . secondly , the paper introduced several types busbarprotection which was commonly installed on electric power system and the characteristic of mv or lv system with low current grounding . based on it , the paper put forwards the theory of percentage - restraint differential relay . after that , in the discussing every problems of the relaying working the paper put the emphasis on the negative effect of the ct saturation and countermeasure
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