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  1. service industries accounted for 93 percent of the revision
  2. the service industry accounts for more than sixty percent of greece's gdp
  3. service industries account for nearly 80 percent of both u . s . employment and gdp
  4. primary and secondary industries account for 9, 136 enterprises while tertiary industry accounts for 2, 613 enterprises
  5. primary and secondary industries account for 9, 136 enterprises while tertiary industry accounts for 2, 613 enterprises
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  7. we have one of the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure and networks in the world . industry accounts for the bulk of this level of investment
  8. yiwu belt oem outsourcing union in yiwu belt industries accounted for 80 %-90 % of the wenzhou businessmen . can be good for you to be completed orders
  9. service industries account for 91 per cent of our gdp, and those enjoying the fastest growth include financial services, import export and logistics
  10. trans fats, he says, cause about 50, 000 premature deaths each year with the restaurant industry accounting for roughly one-third of the trans fat eaten
  11. in 2005, korean auto output is in the fifth place after america, japan, germany and china . auto industry account for 11.1 % in the gnp and 13.3 % in their total export
  12. the enterprise accounting principles and 13 industry accounting systems were implemented as the main contents of the reform, which achieved the transition of our accounting system from the planned economy to the market economy
  13. medium and small-sized software firms in software industry accounts for more 60 %, and such kinds of enterprises have inferior ability to produce with the lower quality products due to their miniature scales, lack of capital and talented employees
  14. we tend to specialize in various accounting functions including commercial accounting, cost accounting, taxation accounting, departmental accounting, group accounting and special industry accounting . while performing the accounting and bookkeeping, our accountants often discover defects or problems in the client s accounting system
  15. according to " copyright industries in the u . s . economy : the 2000 report, " prepared for iipa by economists, inc ., the core copyright industries accounted for 457.2 billion in value added to the u . s . economy, or approximately 4.9 percent of the gross domestic product in 1999 the last year for which complete data are available
  16. based on " new economic geography theory " and " industrial cluster theory ", this paper analyzes the spatial layout thinking, principles and schemes by considering the characteristics of the added-value information industry accounting for over 10 % of gross regional product, and using some successful layout experiences of other domestic cities'information industry for reference


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