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  1. The government began investing heavily in industry and agriculture
  2. In 1999 , the total value of production of industry and agriculture in the county is 970 millions
    1999年全縣工農業生產總值為9 . 7億元。
  3. This weight analyses the interest equilibrium of home and abroad , industry and agriculture
  4. Last year , the general output value of industry and agriculture of the country was two handred million dollars
  5. Our corporation is a major producer of technically advanced machinery and chemicals for industry and agriculture
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  7. At the same time , water demands of industry and agriculture as well as water supply in cities are increasing year by year
  8. With the quick development of the industry and agriculture , the category of electric power system gradually increases
  9. Methanol is a kind of basic material of chemical industry , which is applied into the different areas in industry and agriculture
  10. With the development of industry and agriculture , the requirement for reliable running of power equipment is more and more necessary
  11. In areas deficient of water , urban growth and the development of high water consumption industries and agriculture shall be restricted
  12. Abstract : this paper reviewed the development of the study on supercritical fluid and its application to industry and agriculture
  13. From liberation to last year , the average annual rate of growth in our industry and agriculture was fairly high by world standards
  14. With the fast progress of the national construction , the requirements of industry and agriculture for electric power supply will increase continually
  15. Iodine derivatives manufacturer in missouri , offering liquid iodine , iodides , and iodates , for applications in various industries and agriculture
  16. Scope of application : it is suitable to use in the fields of pharmacy industry , food industry , daily industry and agriculture chemical
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