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  1. Industries and Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed told reporters in the Bangladesh capital.
  2. Venezuela's new Industry and Commerce Minister is Ivan Sanoja, who served as Rojas Parra's deputy.
  3. "Talks are right on track, " said Venezuela's Industry and Commerce Minister Freddy Rojas Parra.
  4. Brazil's Development, Industry and Commerce Minister Sergio Amaral said during the opening session of the Parliamentary Summit on Hemispheric Integration.
  5. Zimbabwean Industry and Commerce Minister Nathan Shamuyarira recently urged Zimbabwean businesses to continue supplying Kabila's Congo despite complaints of non-payment.
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  7. Participating in the discussion, Industries and Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said privatisation is one of the priorities of the present government.
  8. Industry and Commerce Minister Idd Simba has resigned over allegations that he fraudulently issued sugar import licenses, an official said Monday.
  9. Industry and Commerce Minister Juliette Handal said that sharing a currency with the United States " will simplify commercial and financial operations ."
  10. Industry and Commerce Minister Freddy Rojas Parra said 1998 inflation will range between 15 percent and 20 percent depending upon the government's ability to control fiscal spending.
  11. Venezuela's Industry and Commerce Minister Ramon Rosales said Tuesday that Venezuelan businesses will soon receive greenbacks to pay over US $ 300 million owed to Colombian exporters.
  12. Seismic and geological studies by various companies have shown there may be oil in the coastal area, Industry and Commerce Minister Jose Ramon Gonzalez Perez said Friday.
  13. Murasoli Maran, the Indian industries and commerce minister, said approximately 25, 000 Indians migrated to Canada annually _ more than 70 percent of them information technology professionals.
  14. The announcement was made by Jonathan Holcomb, Chrysler's vice president for Latin America, the Mideast and Africa during a meeting with Brazil's Industry and Commerce Minister Francisco Dornelles.
  15. The 28-member cabinet also includes Onechanh Thammavong as labour minister, Chaleuan Yapaoher as justice minister, Nam Vignaket as industry and commerce minister, Sitaheng Latsaphone as agriculture minister and Sommath Pholsena as transport minister.
  16. But Dorothea Werneck, Brazil's industry and commerce minister, said the two countries must negotiate some more and that Brazil had not yet decided how many Argentine cars will be allowed to enter the country.
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