injecting system造句

"injecting system"是什麽意思   


  1. The underground mobile colloid - injecting system for fireproofing and fire extinguishing
  2. Technical features of chemical injecting system for inner cooling water of 660mw generators in hanfeng power plant
  3. The design and machining technology process of its molding part including the front moulding plate 、 front mould kernel 、 back mould plate 、 back mould kernel 、 back mould set piece 、 incline guide pin 、 slide steatite etc , and the choice and calculation of technology parameters of the impotent part , the design process of extrusion outfit , inject system and other makeup are specified in detail ; test and product have been introduced
  4. It's difficult to find injecting system in a sentence. 用injecting system造句挺難的


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