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  1. Numerical simulation of annulus flow of non - newtonian fluid in injection allocation regulator corrugated pole
  2. With definite water injection timing and pattern , water injection intensity and , especially , the injection allocation rate is very important
  3. The proper injection allocation rate of well can effectively relieve the contradictions of plane , interlayer and inherent layers , and improve the effects of oilfield exploitation by waterflood or water drive process
  4. After synthetically analyses and researches of the existing methods for injection allocation rate , this article takes the group of water - injecting wells in waterflood oilfield as the research unit , the multiple regression method to decide the injection allocation rate is applied , by which and its regression coefficient and partial correlation coefficient , the multivariate regression models of model and model are developed
    在對目前存在的配注方法的綜合分析和研究之后,提出以水驅油田注水井井組為研究單元,采用多無回歸方法來確定注水井井組配注量,并基于多元回歸方法的回歸系數和偏相關系數,分別建立了多元回歸模型、 。
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