innovate or die造句

"innovate or die"是什麽意思   


  1. Burr said, " the rule is : innovate or die ."
  2. But retailers are facing a growing crisis to innovate or die.
  3. "In the consumer products market, it's innovate or die,"
  4. A . The only thing the Bristol-Myers Squibb situation says about the broader industry is innovate or die.
  5. Microsoft says it wants to put a computer in every home and on every desk and has the corporate slogan of " Innovate or die ."
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  7. "Innovate or die, " is the Microsoft's corporate slogan, coined by co-founder Bill Gates, who dreams of putting a Microsoft-fed personal computer in every home and on every desk.
  8. "Microsoft would not continue to operate on the principle that it must innovate or die if it believed for a moment that its current market position was durable, " the company argued in briefs filed yesterday in U . S . District Court.


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