insurable event造句

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  1. Billions of dollars hang on the question of whether the destruction of the twin towers by two jetliners was one insurable event, or two.
  2. They argue that it was a single attack, and a single insurable event, entitling Silverstein to $ 3.5 billion in coverage.
  3. Silverstein's lawyers maintain that New York state law, which governs the case, makes clear that each crash and collapse was a separate insurable event.
  4. But it is going nuts trying to establish that only one insurable event _ the attack on the WTC _ occurred in Manhattan on Sept . 11, as opposed to two separate plane crashes.
  5. A financial intermediary, like a reinsurance company or an investment bank, issues a bond tied to a particular insurable event, like aggregate insurance claims from a Los Angeles earthquake that total more than $ 10 billion.
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  7. After 11 days of deliberation, jurors Monday decided that according to the language in insurance contracts covering the World Trade Center, the Sept . 11, 2001, attacks on the center's twin towers were two separately covered insurable events rather than one, as insurance companies had contended.
  8. "If you said, ` let's go insure people's 401 ( k ) accounts,'you have to figure out what the insurable event is, " said Steven A . Kandarian, executive director of the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp, which insures pensions.
  9. Silverstein argues that because two planes hit the World Trade Center there were two " occurrences, " or insurable events, which would entitle him to just over dlrs 7 billion; insurers say the attack was a single event, which would make them liable for dlrs 3.546 billion.
  10. The dispute turns on the question of whether the crash of two hijacked airliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center were a single insurable event, entitling Silverstein's group to $ 3.6 billion in coverage, or two distinct events for which the group can file separate claims of $ 3.6 billion apiece.


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