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  1. Tam told the International Advertising Association, in London.
  2. Vinit is not available for comment as he is currently attending an International Advertising Association meeting abroad.
  3. Held annually since 1996, the competition is organised by the International Advertising Association and sponsored by Bozell Worldwide.
  4. PS Communication is also a member of the International Advertising Association and the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies.
  5. Rayynor Silva was also the youngest President in the history of the IAA ( International Advertising Association ) Sri Lanka Chapter.
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  7. In May 2013, Akkaoui was elected board member of Lebanon's chapter of the International Advertising Association for a two year mandate.
  8. AUD's undergraduate majors in Marketing Communications and Advertising have been accredited by the International Advertising Association ( IAA ) in New York.
  9. The campaign, which is still on the air, has won several industry awards, including the 1994 Best Global Campaign from the International Advertising Association.
  10. Some of Barnet & Reef's most notable accounts included United Fruit, the International Advertising Association, and the U . S . Aid s Indian Investment Centre.
  11. In recognition of its continued efforts towards environmental sustainability, a Special Jury Award was conferred upon GEV by the India Chapter of the International Advertising Association's Olive Crown Awards 2013.
  12. The Ad Council is joining forces with the International Advertising Association to distribute a new public service campaign from the international group to encourage adults to do volunteer work with children.
  13. In 2013, he was given the Olive Green Crusader award by IAA ( International Advertising Association ) for his contribution in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development.
  14. The 100 best list grew out of a request last year from Phil Fiebig, managing director for the Burnett office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and vice president of the International Advertising Association.
  15. Besides serving for four years on the World Board of Directors for the International Advertising Association, Tim was also co-chairman of the Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Awards for the New York Festivals.
  16. Established in the early 70s by industry people looking for fresh and capable talent, IACT is the only one endorsed by the industry and accredited by the New York-based International Advertising Association.
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