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  1. And International Advisory Group in New York will organize conferences in various countries.
  2. Global Witness is a member of the EITI International Advisory Group and sits on the EITI board.
  3. She chairs the International advisory group for the Young Lives longitudinal study of 12, 000 children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.
  4. In 1996, D黵r was made a member of the UN Secretary General's international advisory group for the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul.
  5. In 2005, Eigen chaired the International Advisory Group of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ( EITI ) and became Chair of EITI in 2006.
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  7. The United States, the European Commission, France and Norway have also formed the International Advisory Group for Lepse to help deal with the ship.
  8. In 2009, he was invited by the Prime Minister of Bhutan to be in the international advisory group for introduction of Gross National Happiness in Education.
  9. He was a member of ICCO International Advisory Group, the Netherlands from 2002 till 2009 . He was also a member of the Advisory Group of Dan Church Aid-Denmark from 2000 till 2008.
  10. This conference also established an international advisory group ( IAG ) under the Chairmanship of Peter Eigen to further guide the work of how the EITI is to be set up and function.
  11. The RDI consists of a small executive group based in the UK, an international advisory group of leading HIV / AIDS scientists and clinicians, and an extensive global network of collaborators and data contributors.
  12. Members of an international advisory group assisting Greece on Olympic security have expressed concern terrorist groups could exploit trafficking routes carrying thousands of illegal immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and eastern Europe into Greece.
  13. An international advisory group of experts in corporate governance is expected to submit recommendations Thursday to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that are intended to improve the accountability of foreign companies to their shareholders.
  14. The WHO is revising their classifications in this section as part of the development of the ICD-11 ( revision due by 2018 ) and an " International Advisory Group " has been established to guide this.
  15. Becker served as the Vice President of the International Geographical Union from 1996 to 2000 and the Vice President of the International Advisory Group of the Pilot for the Protection of Tropical Forests from 1995 to 2005.
  16. The Legatum Institute's International Advisory Group also contributes and assists in the Prosperity Index : Prof Peter Skerry ( Boston College ); Prof Dan Chirot ( University of Washington ); Toby Mundy CEO ( Atlantic Books ); and Patrick Cheung.
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