investiture controversy造句

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  1. The event is often cited as the beginning of Investiture Controversy.
  2. This led to the conflict known as the Investiture Controversy.
  3. The Investiture Controversy of the 11th century brought further conflict.
  4. This period is characterized by the Investiture Controversy between Emperor and Pope.
  5. In the Investiture Controversy, he sided with the Pope.
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  7. Gillebert congratulated Anselm for his success in the Investiture Controversy.
  8. Godbald sided with the pope in the Investiture Controversy.
  9. During the Investiture Controversy, when they supported Duke cathedral was burnt down.
  10. Louis was a prominent opponent of the Henry V during the Investiture Controversy.
  11. The backwash of the Investiture controversy had left the German states in continuous turmoil.
  12. He broke off his campaign because of political problems arising from the Investiture Controversy.
  13. William supported the king during the investiture controversy.
  14. The Tuscan cities had taken advantage of the Investiture Controversy to increase their autonomy.
  15. The first episode was the Investiture Controversy.
  16. Arnulf's history begins in 925, with Patarenes, and the Investiture Controversy.
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