1. The proocatie factor is a superadded infection with a iral illness
  2. A iral syndrome remains a likely cause of his presentation
  3. Integrase is one of the three enzymes of the irus that is required for iral replication
  4. Other iral infections seem less likely , but cm infection has not been ruled out
  5. 1981 first human iral accine that can preent cancer ( hepatitis b irus accine for lier cancer ) introduced
  6. It's difficult to find iral in a sentence. 用iral造句挺難的
  7. In this study , we aimed to assess the relationship between pre - chemotherapy hb iral load and the surial of hcc patients
  8. The polymerase is crucial in this process because it copies the iral genome and directs the production of its proteins .
  9. Specific mutations in a iral protein , the polymerase , contribute to the ability of the bird irus to jump the species barrier to humans
  10. When sera from patients infected with different hc strains were added to the hepatocyte culture system , iral replication occurred and new irus particles were produced
  11. Future strategies to improe the prognosis of hcc patients undergoing chemotherapy should consider supportie therapy that incorporates antiiral therapies to reduce hb iral load
  12. Research has determined that undetectable iral leels - - although not a cure - - slows iral replication to the point where the irus has less chance of mutating and deeloping resistance to the drugs
  13. Interestingly , cultured hepatocytes responded to iral replication by displaying signs of distress and cell death and by expressing interferon - beta , a cellular antiiral , in an effort to control the infection
  14. Children who catch lower respiratory iral infections , such as the common cold , during their first year of life and are also prone to allergies are at greater risk of deeloping asthma , according to new research
  15. The herpesiruses bring untold suffering , but may not be all bad . chronic latent infection with specific iral strains protects mice against some bacterial infections , a nature study reeals this week1
  16. Conclusion : for hcc patients with hb chronic infection / exposure , a high iral load prior to treatment is an aderse factor for surial and may be associated with a higher incidence of seere hepatitis during chemotherapy
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