is so expansive造句

"is so expansive"是什麽意思   


  1. The Satrap's power is so expansive that the empire is often referred to as a satrapy.
  2. Still, this very reverence on Truffaut's part surely accounts for why Hitchcock ( a notoriously unforthcoming man ) is so expansive.
  3. The terrain is so expansive that you have to fold the trail map seven times to fit it into your pocket.
  4. But a definition broad enough that it plunks raising fees together with cutting waste is so expansive it loses any categorical meaning.
  5. Multimedia, unlike ( traditional ) entertainment, is so expansive and so new, you can't do your job unless you know what others are doing ."
  6. It's difficult to find is so expansive in a sentence. 用is so expansive造句挺難的
  7. The title refers to a state of shock one experiences after a traumatic event that is so expansive it cannot be properly described in the English language.
  8. Sure but because linkedin stock is so expansive there are people what are really interested to buy this, why ?-- talk ) 03 : 05, 11 October 2015 ( UTC)
  9. The investigation is so expansive, examining everything from Campbell's gambling habits to the city's minority contracting practices, that the mayor's allies readily compare it to the federal Whitewater investigation of President Clinton.
  10. Because the battlefield is so expansive, the best way to see it is on a guided bus, bike or walking tour or by buying a two-or three-hour audio tour tape or CD and driving it yourself.
  11. Because Harlem is so expansive, travelers might want to confine their tour near 125th Street, the area's business center, where the signs of revival can be seen in the presence of a Starbucks and the offices of former president Bill Clinton.
  12. Further, there really is no such thing as viewpoints that " disagree with the plan . " The five-year plan is so expansive and inclusive, it's far more the case that thousands of people may agree with certain specific recommendations and disagree with others.
  13. :The idea is that the'legal'extent of the author's land is 120 acres, but as a practical matter, he has free range over as much territory as he pleases, and that the land is so expansive and ( by the sounds of it ) untouched, that legal definitions of boundaries and ownership are unimportant.


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