ishine knect造句


  1. ""'iShine KNECT " "'is a Christian television show created by Robert Beeson as a part of the iShine ministry.
  2. Soon after, The Rubyz began touring with iShine artists, such as Mission Six, before becoming cast members of " iShine KNECT ", a tween music show on Trinity Broadcasting Network.
  3. In 2009, the group was chosen to be a featured artist on Trinity Broadcasting Network's " iShine KNECT ", a Jasmine, Jonnie and Brookie performed the show's new theme song, which is still featured today in the show's second season.
  4. According to Jesus Freak Hideout, the album was released as an " MVP format, " which includes a DVD, ten new songs, ten music videos, ten song explanations, inspiring interviews, multimedia content, and an episode of " iShine KNECT " which features The Rubyz.
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