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  1. Leading into the sea of artificial islands Sun Island Bridge has been completed.
  2. "The Island Sun " was founded in 1962 by Carlos and Esme Downing.
  3. ISLAND SUN _ This is low season in the Caribbean, and resorts have dropped prices accordingly.
  4. Several stores popped up to meet the needs of the workers, and the Rock Island Sun newspaper began publication.
  5. They had a great success with the album due to singles like " Island Sun " and " Lean On My Shoulder ".
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  7. The clip " Island Sun " reached the TOP 10 on MTV and it was the most played song in The Czech Republic.
  8. The Island Sun published an editorial against the demolition of the historic building and members of the public expressed their disagreement with the official decision.
  9. On Saturday, with Shinnecock Hills baking in the Long Island sun, the U . S . Golf Association came dangerously close to doing both.
  10. At present, the matching of artificial islands Sun Island ( the main port services ), railway stations, airports and other infrastructure facilities are under construction.
  11. He stayed in Las Palmas for three years, becoming the editor of the islands'English language newspaper, The Canary Islands Sun, and wrote three novels.
  12. Of the two functioning newspapers in the Territory ( the " BVI Beacon " and the " Island Sun " ) both maintain an online reporting presence.
  13. They began storing the wines on trestles at the winery or in special rooms known as " estufas ", where the heat of island sun would age the wine.
  14. At the time, there was only one other newspaper in the territory, the " Island Sun ", which held a virtual monopoly on the business since 1962.
  15. After experiencing some difficulties, the company finally managed to obtain " Island Sun " at a very short notice, and she duly arrived in Fremantle on 26 November.
  16. Three song titles have been released to the public, " Hey Yo ", " Island Sun ", and " Extension " with the first two being debuted at 311 Day 2016.
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