island tameness造句

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  1. Island tameness can be highly maladaptive in situations where humans have eradicating those species.
  2. Most of the historic and prehistoric extinctions were insular species, vulnerable due to small populations ( often endemic to a single island ), and island tameness.
  3. Because of its poor flying ability, large size and possible island tameness, the broad-billed parrot was easy prey for sailors who visited Mauritius, and their nests would have been extremely vulnerable to predation by introduced crab-eating macaques and rats.
  4. Unlike the mammals on Guadalupe Island or Clari髇, their impact on the local flora was minor, but cat predation has had a drastic effect since the mid-1970s due to the fauna's island tameness, and the locusts that swarm twice a year seriously damage vegetation during that time.
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