island technology professionals造句


  1. Certification is managed by Island Technology Professionals.
  2. Unlike every other association or society of engineering technicians and technologists in Canada, except Island Technology Professionals, AETTNL operates as a corporation.
  3. "' Island Technology Professionals "'is Prince Edward Island's independent certifying body for engineering / applied science technicians and technologists.
  4. In 2007 Island Technology Professionals ( under the current name of ACETTPEI ), with the assistance of other Atlantic Canada Technology organizations and some federal government funds, held the Atlantic Canada Technology Roundtable.
  5. Though CCTT being a signatory, Island Technology Professionals recognizes international transferability through the Sydney Accord, the Dublin Accord and the Engineering Technology Mobility Forum, which confers the ability to award the designation IntET ( Canada ) for Technnologists who wish to work internationally.
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  7. Island Technology Professionals confers the designations " C . Tech . ", " C . E . T . " and " A . Sc . T . " which are symbols of achievement in engineering / applied science technology and are legally protected for use only by fully certified members.


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