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  1. From 1997 through 2006, he was a member of its Executive Committee.
  2. Its executive committee will vote on the issue in the coming weeks.
  3. OISTAT affairs are coordinated by the Governing Board and its Executive Committee.
  4. But he remained a director and headed its executive committee until 1980.
  5. She joined the USOC, then earned a spot on its executive committee.
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  7. Its executive committee met Sunday at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo.
  8. Both sisters sit on the board but not on its executive committee.
  9. Tanner later served on the organization's central committee and its executive committee.
  10. He will remain on Salomon's board as chairman of its executive committee.
  11. Its executive committee will now have four women and three men on it.
  12. The NCAA says its executive committee and football committee are studying the issue.
  13. The chamber ended a two-day meeting of its executive committee in Colombo Friday.
  14. He has been credited with reorganizing Blackstone's management and creating its executive committee.
  15. In 1922, reinstated by the Comintern, he was admitted into its Executive Committee.
  16. The panel was examining 50 proposals drafted by its executive committee.
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