it is worth notice that造句

"it is worth notice that"是什麽意思   


  1. it is worth noticing that n is an odd number
  2. it is worth noticing that the business maybe had made the economy of a district develop at that time, but it could not had changed the social character
  3. it is worth noticing that, though the reform had been accomplished with confucianism, the monarchical power had played a dominant role in the reform
  4. it is worth noticing that during the course of transmission, different duplicates forwarded by a command are recognized as one command and share the same sequence number
  5. but at the same time it is worth noticing that at present the overseas investment of our enterprises spreads into europe, america, asia, latin america, and africa etc . and more than 160 countries and the area, including the very major parts located in southeast asia, latin american, africa etc . and the developed countries and the areas
  6. It's difficult to find it is worth notice that in a sentence. 用it is worth notice that造句挺難的


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