it is worthy造句


  1. It is whether enough people think it is worthy of note.
  2. I do not believe it is worthy of an encyclopedia article.
  3. If it is worthy, if it meets our requirements, fine.
  4. As such, it is worthy of more careful tending.
  5. It is worthy of the men whose story it tells.
  6. It's difficult to find it is worthy in a sentence. 用it is worthy造句挺難的
  7. It is worthy of respect, " he says.
  8. Maryland then proved that it is worthy of playing for the national championship.
  9. It needs a lot of work before it is worthy of being featured.
  10. Much of it is worthy of Balzac, Dickens or Mark Twain ."
  11. It is worthy to note that Simrock did not pay DvoY醟 a fee.
  12. I think it is worthy of a suspension,
  13. It is worthy and ambitious but somewhat soporific.
  14. But the station has yet to prove that it is worthy of its name.
  15. It is worthy of preservation and acknowledgment ."
  16. It is worthy of note that he had a futuristic outlook in his writings.
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