it is your turn造句

"it is your turn"是什麽意思   


  1. It is your turn to sing now , so do your stuff .
  2. It is your turn to deal the cards .
  3. It is your turn to sing .
  4. It is your turn to move .
  5. It is your turn .
  6. It's difficult to find it is your turn in a sentence. 用it is your turn造句挺難的
  7. " it is your turn to say something now , mr . darcy
  8. It is your turn to say something , mr darcy
  9. Please sign your name here and wait over there until it is your turn
    (請在這里登記你的名字,在那邊等候輪到你。 )
  10. It is your turn now
  11. Now , it is your turn to take up this responsibility and guide the new pilots . . .
  12. Boys and girls , do you love the song ? thank you , big apple . now it is your turn to sing
  13. Heed the prompt of the display screen and go to the corresponding filing acceptance window to handle it when it is your turn
  14. Now , dent , continued mr . rochester , it is your turn . and as the other party withdrew , he and his band took the vacated seats
  15. So it is your turn now , chapman . as a successful comedian actor playing mostly comedy roles throughout your career , do you think it would be hard for the audiences to accept your non - comedy performance ? to


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