it just depends造句

"it just depends"是什麽意思   


  1. No , i . it just depends
  2. It just depends . if we have important visiting delegations , you have to stay with us . it ? not unusual
  3. It just depends . if we have important visiting delegations , you have to stay with us . it is not unusual
  4. Thirdly , they can ' t adopt the difficult interview . - but every thing is difficult like sports , cooking and study . it just depends on your attitude towards it
  5. And this doesn ' t depend on having multiple detectors with a long baseline between them , although that ' s good for other things ; it just depends on the earth moving
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  7. But then , it doesn t mean the music must be foreign , the most important criteria is that it should fit the story and the atmosphere , it just depends on the style of the film
  8. A : yeah i drink that sometimes it just depends where i am at the training ground its different to what i get at home but any type of green tea , chinese green tea anything
  9. It is for us to learn the spirit of preparedness , and to learn to be cautious at all times . this world is neither good nor bad . it just depends on how we make use of situations , and learn the lessons that are good for us
  10. Matt : hmm . . . i don ' t . . . i don ' t know why you would have to , i mean it just depends on the situation , but , most of the time if i was to go over to a friend ' s house or something they would . . . they , or i might offer to bring something , or they would say specifically that they would want me to bring something for the dinner
    馬特:嗯,我不. . . . . .我不知道您為什么要帶東西去,因為那完全要看情形而定,不過通常的情形是這樣,假如我打算去一個朋友的家或是什么場合時,他們會. . . . .他們. . . . .或我本人可能主動提議帶些什么東西去,或是他們會指明要我帶點什么東西去赴他們的晚宴。


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