it just happens造句


  1. It just happens that those stories are the most frequently anthologized.
  2. They don't have to search, it just happens.
  3. It just happens with a lot of small start-ups.
  4. So what if it just happens to be in his backyard?
  5. It just happens next year is the turn of the century.
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  7. It just happens because of the particular personnel in a district,
  8. It just happens to be a lot of guys get overshadowed.
  9. Was that something you planned, or did it just happen?
  10. Shoot, when you lose, it just happens that way.
  11. It just happens that this new circus is not that new.
  12. It just happens to be about aliens instead of drug dealers.
  13. It just happens, in this time, to seem revolutionary.
  14. It just happens to be a stroke of luck for me.
  15. Each year, it just happens to be the offensive line.
  16. Maybe it doesn't make sense, it just happens.
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