it just works造句

"it just works"是什麽意思   


  1. And then , by pure luck , it just worked out
  2. I mean this whole thing , it just works
  3. Mature and stable . seldom will it crash you applications and it just works
  4. It just works
  5. You do not have to be in a trance to learn energy and chakra work , it just works better in trance
  6. It's difficult to find it just works in a sentence. 用it just works造句挺難的
  7. There are two ways to use unmanaged apis from managed code : through platform invoke and through it just works in c
    存在兩種從托管代碼使用非托管api的方法:通過平臺調用服務和通過c + +中的it just works ( ijw ) 。
  8. You occasionally need to have them installed to compile something you downloaded , but for the most part , it just works
  9. At this writing we don t understand what s going on with this particular device it just worked with that setting and not without it
  10. Then we went to the nigger cabins , and while i got nat s notice off , tom shoved a piece of candlestick into the middle of a corn - pone that was in jim s pan , and we went along with nat to see how it would work , and it just worked noble ; when jim bit into it it most mashed all his teeth out ; and there warn t ever anything could a worked better


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