it kills me造句


  1. It kills me that we're not involved ."
  2. I just don't let it kill me ."
  3. It kills me to be at a computer terminal all day.
  4. Not only that, it kills me how handsome he is.
  5. It kills me the way they are going with the game.
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  7. It kills me to do two sets of 12 repetitions.
  8. It kills me sometimes to give them the apartments we give them.
  9. It kills me to see kids playing golf and soccer.
  10. "It kills me, that I don't care.
  11. It kills me sitting and watching because I always want to play.
  12. It kills me because I could get up there and do this.
  13. I want a winning team because it kills me when my team loses.
  14. Did it kill me to lose to Notre Dame?
  15. Says Castro : " It kills me to go indoors ."
  16. I'll play it if it kills me.
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