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  1. Some of the works have been exhibited worldwide and used as cover pages for books , journals and magazines
  2. Based on analyzing the information system of agricultural soil - water engineering science , one taxonomy according with net - intercommunion is put forward in which agricultural soil - water engineering science is divided into many parts : latest news , subject building , science articles , science units , science fruits , standards and laws , journals and magazines , famous specialist , popular science knowledge , relational link , etc . net - intercommunion ways such as forum on - line bbs , mail - list , index on - line are used in dealing with agricultural soil - water engineering science information
    本網站通過對農業水土工程學科信息體系的分析,提出了適應網絡化信息傳播的分類方法,將農業水土工程學科分為最新新聞、學科建設、科技文獻、科研院所、科技成果、標準法規、學報雜志、知名專家、科普園地、相關鏈接等幾大版塊,并將網上常用的信息交流手段論壇bbs 、郵件列表、查詢檢索等引入農業水土工程信息處理。
  3. Pnhp organizes rallies , town hall meetings , and debates ; coordinates speakers and forum discussions ; contributes op - eds and articles to the nation ' s top newspapers , medical journals and magazines ; and appears regularly on national television and news programs advocating for a single - payer system
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