1. An approach to ordinary use medicine and pairs of medicine for jue yin headache
  2. The inheriting and going down of quot; jue ju quot; of discussing poetry in ancient chinese
  3. Gao jue - fu ' s contributions to child psychology in the 20th century in china
  4. Xin jue dai shuang jiao qian chuan : guide book yun hai xian jing zi liao pian
  5. Tian yin jue se
  6. It's difficult to find jue in a sentence. 用jue造句挺難的
  7. " by ren jue
  8. The yuan jue grotto at the hilltop was created in a whole rock , so it is quite specious
  9. Institute of automation , chinese academy of sciences , 2004 . 3 han suqing , wang jue . reduct and attribute order
  10. Shen jue min , disciple of famous shanghai opera actress ding shi e . she mainly teaches those personage ' s famous episodes
  11. As the conference opened , jue shafill , jill sheffield of the family cave into nation among care international , a non - governmental governmental organization , say said process ' progess has been solved slow
  12. China cooperate with norway in maintaining three courtyards in comparatively good shape , these are : xi yang shi street 77 , hua jue alley 125 and bei yuan men street 144 . and these maintenance work set a good example for the whole district and the protected work was widespread promotion the concept of historic district protected
  13. In july of 2005 and 2006 , college volunteers , organized and led by liang shan yi for empowerment center , made a comprehensive baseline survey in zhu he of zhao jue county , te mu li of bu tuo county , si kai of zhao jue county , da qiao of mei gu county , where have the most serious drug and hiv / aids problem
  14. On behalf of the hong kong film archive , i would like to thank the following personalities who have allotted their precious time for me to conduct interviews : ann hui , lai ho , shu kei , keeto lam and bryan chang , who shared their views on jupiter as a friend and working partner ; directors tsui hark , derek yee , fruit chan and cheung chi - sing who had offered different approaches of looking at jupiter s film stills ; producer fong ping , tang yat - ming , peter chan and distribution manager winnie tsang who offered their views on the role of film stills as a promotional tool . i was also indebted to starlets like cecilia cheung , karena lam , zhou xun and huang jue for sharing their experience of having jupiter on location


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