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  1. Juli Furtado also has an excellent chance of winning the mountain bike competition.
  2. Juli Furtado, world champion mountain biker, diagnosed with lupus in 1998.
  3. Juli Furtado _ upon her mountain bike, the mistress of an altogether new discipline.
  4. GT sponsored numerous race teams and individuals, including noted riders Rebecca Twigg and Juli Furtado.
  5. In mountain biking, a new Olympic event, Juli Furtado and David " Tinker"
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  7. The favorites in the women's race are two-time world champion Alison Sydor of Canada and American Juli Furtado.
  8. In the women's race, U . S . riders Susan DeMattei and Juli Furtado came in seventh and ninth, respectively.
  9. Juli Furtado, who is considered by many the greatest mountain biker ever _ male or female _ has also locked up her spot.
  10. The mountain-bike favorites include David ( Tinker ) Juarez of Downey, Calif ., and Juli Furtado of Durango, Colo.
  11. Sydor and American Juli Furtado have finished 1-2 throughout the World Cup mountain bike season and look to settle their battle in Atlanta.
  12. Rebecca Twigg, Jeanne Golay, Dede Demet and Juli Furtado are among 23 cyclists participating in a high-altitude training camp in Colorado Springs.
  13. JULY 30 : Another new sport is mountain biking, with Juli Furtado of the United States hoping to be in the individual cross-country finals.
  14. Juli Furtado, who won six of nine World Cup mountain bike events last season, looks to rebound from a medal-less World Championships in 1995.
  15. Lance Armstrong has been named U . S . male cyclist of the year and Juli Furtado U . S . female cyclist in the eighth annual VeloNews Awards.
  16. CONYERS, Ga . _ Less than a lap into the Conyers course, Juli Furtado proved why she's the undisputed queen of U . S . mountain bike racing.
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