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  1. It was a strange game Thursday for Karrie Webb and Juli Inkster.
  2. Juli Inkster finished third, three shots back, after a 70 on Sunday.
  3. The best American is Juli Inkster, in her 20th year on tour.
  4. The American team will be represented by Juli Inkster and Meg Mallon.
  5. Another stroke back were compatriots Juli Inkster, Pat Hurst and Tina Barrett.
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  7. Defending champion Juli Inkster had a 67 to tie 11th at 210.
  8. Juli Inkster is among those favoring a change to a 36-hole qualifier.
  9. Only Rosie Jones of Atlanta and Juli Inkster have broken the pattern.
  10. Juli Inkster, Karen Lunn and Hiromi Kobayashi tied for third at 277.
  11. Defending champion Juli Inkster and Se Ri Pak both shot 70s.
  12. Brandie Burton and Juli Inkster trailed the leaders by one stroke.
  13. Meg Mallon, Juli Inkster and Rachel Hetherington have each won twice.
  14. U . S . Open champion Juli Inkster also is going home early.
  15. Juli Inkster made her first Corning Classic victory one for the record books.
  16. JULI INKSTER Age : @ 42 LPGA victories : @ 28.
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