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  1. The study will be led by Julia Adams and Hannah Brueckner.
  2. There were only three-Purl Adams, Julia Adams, and Alton Clary.
  3. He was succeeded as Master by Julia Adams, Professor of Sociology and International and Area Studies.
  4. Principal dancer Tony Randazzo left the company this year after the breakup of his longtime relationship with dancer Julia Adam.
  5. Carlson slowly began to rebuild his career, finding work in the newly emergent science fiction and horror Julia Adams, and " The Magnetic Monster ".
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  7. The heroine's family, which includes Sherri LeBlanc, Jais Zinoun and Julia Adam, is none too welcoming to Possokhov, who comes naturally to his role of yearning hero.
  8. ""'Wings of the Hawk " "'( Western film, set during the Mexican Revolution, starring Van Heflin and Julia Adams and directed by Budd Boetticher.
  9. Another aspiring author is Julia Adams, a freelance journalist and a former Marine herself, whose husband, Maj . Jim Adams-- his nickname is Rainman-- is a fighter pilot in Afghanistan.
  10. In " The Familial State ", Julia Adams draws on both original archival work and secondary sources to analyze how merchant families contested with noble families for influence in the early modern Dutch Republic.
  11. Appearing as number 89 in the 2014 Wastebook are NSF grants totaling $ 202, 000 to sociologists Julia Adams of Yale University and Hannah Br點kner of New York University Abu Dhabi for their ongoing study of " systemic gender bias " in Wikipedia ( see previous " Signpost " coverage ).
  12. Rukeyser's 5-poem sequence " Kathe Kollwitz " ( The Speed of Darkness, 1968, Random House ) ( http : / / murielrukeyser . emuenglish . org / writing / kathe-kollwitz / ) was set to music by Tom Myron for the composition, " Kathe Kollwitz for Soprano and String Quartet ", " written in response to a commission from violist Julia Adams for a work celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Portland String Quartet in 1998 . " ( http : / / www . dramonline . org / albums / darkness-light-vol-3 / notes)
  13. In fall 2008, as part of the company's 75th anniversary celebration, San Francisco Ballet embarked on a critically acclaimed four-city American tour with engagements at Chicago's Harris Theater for Music and Dance, New York City Center, Southern California's Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and the John F . Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D . C . The year culminated in a New Works Festival of world premieres by 10 of the dance world's most acclaimed choreographers Julia Adam, Val Caniparoli, Jorma Elo, Margaret Jenkins, James Kudelka, Mark Morris, Yuri Possokhov, Paul Taylor, Stanton Welch, and Christopher Wheeldon.


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