julia and julia造句


  1. Andrew will engage with Julia and Julia's daughter, Erica, a woman futile and perverse as the great-grandmother Bia Falc鉶.
  2. However, this led to one of the earliest digitally shot feature movies, " Julia and Julia ", being produced in 1987.
  3. I have seen so many movies recently in which absolutely everything could be predicted that I found " Julia and Julia " perversely entertaining ."
  4. The first drama film shot using the HDVS professional video camera is RAI's " Julia and Julia ( Italian : Giulia e Giulia " ) in 1987, and the first HDTV television show was Genesis Invisible Touch Tour shows at Wembley Stadium on July 1987, the Sony HDVS system was used to film these shows and later released in VHS and LaserDisc in 1988 and DVD in 2003.
  5. With its dual and dueling-worlds structure, " Passion " may put viewers in mind of last year's " Sliding Doors, " which starred Gwyneth Paltrow, though it's much closer to the 1987 puzzle picture " Julia and Julia, " in which Kathleen Turner played a woman who was married in one reality and involved in a soft-core romantic blaze in another.
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  7. In the following years, his career was divided between television and film, from one country to another : from the French series " X " with Capt . Pierre Malet; the film " The Little Drummer Girl " by George Roy Hill, opposite Diane Keaton; an episode of " Miami Vice "; and the movie " Julia and Julia " by Peter Del Monte, with Kathleen Turner.


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