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  1. Their children were Micah, Julia Ann ( m.
  2. Both his father and his wife, the former Julia Ann Keffer, died.
  3. In 1838, he married Julia Ann Rose.
  4. Ohio ) and Julia Ann Hutchins ( b.
  5. He married Julia Ann Freyhafer in 1835.
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  7. It is named for Julia Ann Baker, the third wife and widow of Levi Baker.
  8. Marks had married a second time in 1866 to Julia Ann Durfee, who survived him.
  9. He was married twice; first to Julia Ann Heustis and later to Sarah Elizabeth Black.
  10. He married his wife Julia Ann Sturges in Van Buren County, Iowa in July 1845.
  11. Eston and Julia Ann's first son John Wayles Hemings was born in Charlottesville in 1835.
  12. Julia Ann Amanda Moorehead Britton was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, on May 4, 1852.
  13. He was married, June 6, 1833, to Julia Ann, daughter of the Hon.
  14. He married, October 9, 1833, Julia Ann, daughter of Gad Cowles, of Farmington.
  15. Members from the Jolly family included Elizabeth, Vincent, William, Harriet, John and Julia Ann Jolly.
  16. Julia Ann Isaacs, a free woman of color, was of African, European-American and German-Jewish descent.
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